A great opportunity learn ceramics, meet others and have fun. 

Cost & Time – We recommend you budget $38 per adult and up to 2.5 hours in the studio as making takes time! This covers most materials and firing. Unique materials and large quantities of materials may incur an additional cost.

2 workshops  are recommended for hand-building (or making) and glazing with clay and should be taken 1 or 2 weeks apart from each other to allow for drying and firing of pieces in between.

We have 1 workshop options on Saturday Nights and can also accommodate this at other times. If you want to only visit us once, this is for you so chat to us on arrival.

Glazed pieces need to be picked up 1 to 2 weeks later after firing.

For children’s pricing, look at our kids page.

For these workshops, come in during any of our regular opening hours.

Working with ceramics has therapeutic benefits and helps to de-stress. Come along to a workshop and immerse yourself in this calming ancient art.

This is a small studio, so we are fortunate to be able to work with each participant and teach you whatever you would like to make.  You can select to hand build with clay or ceramic ready-made pieces. We do not currently offer a pottery wheel.


Are you looking to spoil someone special with a Black Duck Ceramics Gift Certificate? We recommend the following Gift Certificates for workshops.  To purchase CLICK HERE to go to SHOP

$20 – 1 x Kids Glaze and Fire Workshop

$35 – 1 x Kids Hand-building with clay Workshop

$50 – 1 x Adult Hand-building with clay Workshop

$90 – 2 x Adult Hand-building with clay Workshop

$180 – 4 x Adult Hand-building with clay Workshop

$320 – 8 x Adult Hand-building with clay Workshop (Entitles recipient to a VIP Card and discounted workshop rates throughout 2020)