A great opportunity learn ceramics, meet others and have fun.

Working with ceramics has therapeutic benefits and helps to de-stress. Come along to a workshop and immerse yourself in this calming ancient art.
This is a small studio, so we are fortunate to be able to work with each participant and teach you whatever you would like to make. You can select to hand build with clay or ceramic ready-made pieces. We do not currently offer a pottery wheel.


We are operating under Covid-19 NSW Govt regulations. 8 people maximum in adult workshops. Due to the pandemic and our determination to remain open and continue to offer a relaxing place to make and get together, we require a non refundable deposit when booking. We thank you for your understanding. BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL with full name, telephone number and email address for contact tracing.
IMPORTANT: Customers that arrive to the studio with any signs of COVID (coughing, sneezing and or a temperature of over 38 degrees) will be asked to reschedule their class for the safety of others.


Available to come in once only? Adult workshop (12 yrs +) $60.

Ceramics is traditionally a 2 workshop process so we recommend doing 2 workshops. In the 1st workshop $50, we’ll teach you how to make and in the 2nd workshop $40, how to glaze your piece. Workshops should be taken 1 or 2 weeks apart from each other to allow for drying and firing of pieces in between. Total $90 for 2 workshops or $80 for regular VIP customers.

We recommend you budget up to 2.5 hours in the studio.

Kids pricing starts at $15.

Unique materials and large quantities of materials may incur an additional cost.

Glazed pieces need to be picked up 1 to 2 weeks later after firing.


All standard products; earthenware, non-toxic glazes and firings are included in price

Paint & take a figurine. Up to 1 hour from $15

Glazing a Ready-Made Piece. Up to 1 hour from $20. Pick up 1 week after firing.

Making with clay workshop – $35, Up to 2.5 hours. Come back in for glazing workshop 2 weeks later.

Glazing Workshop – handmade pieces $35. Up to 2.5 hours


All premium products stoneware; earthenware, American made non-toxic glazes and firings included.

Make & Take Home in 1 Workshop – $60

Make with air dry clay, decorate and paint with ceramics stains before taking home with you straight after your workshop.

Making with Clay & Underglazing Workshop – $60

If you are only joining us for 1 workshop and wish to make with clay, you can! We will do 2 firings and a glaze for you. Pick up is 3 weeks after you make or we can arrange postage.

Making Workshop (Part 1) – $50

1st of 2 workshops – make your piece out of clay and leave your piece to dry with us. We will do the first firing. Book in for approximately 2 weeks later to glaze your masterpiece in the Glazing Workshop.

Glazing Workshop (Part 2) – $40

The 2nd workshop after your Making workshop. Come in to glaze your masterpiece and we’ll do the final firing. Pick up is 1 week after Glazing Workshop.

Glazing a Ready-made Piece – $50

Glaze a ready-made piece (standard size, mug, plate etc.) and pick up 1 week later after firing.


8 Workshop Package

Includes all premium stoneware, earthenware, glazes & firing. $320 plus at the end of 8 classes we’ll give you a VIP Studio Card to use for future workshops during 2020.

VIP Card 10% discount for every workshop.

VIP Card

10% discount for every workshop. Reduced to $45 for each making workshop & $35 for each glazing workshop.


Are you looking to spoil someone special with a Black Duck Ceramics Gift Certificate? We recommend the following Gift Certificates for workshops.

$20 – 1 x Kids Glaze and Fire Workshop

$35 – 1 x Kids Hand-building with clay Workshop

$50 – 1 x Adult Hand-building with clay Workshop

$60 – 1 x Adult Saturday Evening Workshop – Unwind with a wine & mud class!

$90 – 2 x Adult Hand-building with clay Workshop

$180 – 4 x Adult Hand-building with clay Workshop

$320 – 8 x Adult Hand-building with clay Workshop (Entitles recipient to a VIP Card and discounted workshop rates throughout 2020)