Amazing pieces are created in the studio, so don’t forget to pick yours up!


If you attend a  making & underglazing workshop, please pick up your ceramics 3 weeks after your workshop. After a glazing workshop, your piece will be ready for pick up after 1 week. Check out our regular open times HERE to drop in & pick up as we are not open regular retail hours.

We try our best, however cannot promise to contact you to pick up your finished pieces and we apologise for this policy. Due to some pieces not having names on them at the time of making, it is not possible for us to identify all pieces and contact you. 

When you come in for a workshop, we will request you complete a small form with your contact details and date of making. This is to ensure we can monitor correctly the drying time for your piece prior to firing and contact you in the event of a rare incident such as a breakage or firing delay. 

For private parties, we will contact you for pick up when all pieces from your party are ready.

 If you are unable to pick up for any reason, please let us know via email to blackduckstudio1@gmail.com and if you live a distance away, we can arrange postage.